Dean Kenning

Chapter 1: The Commodity

Page 177

Now listen how those commodities speak through the mouth of the economist:
'Value (i.e. exchange-value) is a property of things, riches (i.e.
use-value) of man. Value, in this sense, necessarily implies exchanges, riches do not. '
‘Riches (use-value) are the attribute of man, value is the attribute of commodities. A man or a community is rich, a pearl or a diamond is valuable ... A pearl or a diamond is valuable as a pearl or diamond.'
So far no chemist has ever discovered exchange-value either in a pearl or a diamond. The economists who have discovered this chemical substance, and who lay special claim to critical acumen, nevertheless find that the use-value of material objects belongs to them independently of their material properties, while their value, on the other hand, forms a part of them as objects.